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Good Boy

So yeah, I got hooked into enjoying Harry Potter Slash. I can't help it! He's hot! Pair him with someone equally as hot, like Draco Malfoy (played by Tom Felton) and OMG you have massive horny plot bunnies hopping around. I joined a few communities and even took up challenges posted on some of them. As soon as I saw this prompt, I wanted it. The evil plot bunny would not let me rest until I had something posted! With the evil eccentric creature bashing me against my brain, I manage to throw this one-shot down. The process reminds me of bug residue after smacking onto a car window.  

Title: Good Boy
Author: Seraphyn
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Fenrir/Harry
Category: Pure unadulterated smut written for thematic_hp 
Warnings: Slavery, light bondage, oral, dirty pillow talk
Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns these boys. If I owned them, Pansy wouldn't exist and Harry would forever be a submissive.
Feedback: Always appreciated. I'm popping my Harry Potter fanfic cherry, so be gentle.
Summary: The Savior becomes The Slave to a very wild, very virile Fenrir Greyback. And he likes it.



Good Boy 

 by Seraphyn


Harry burst through the underbrush, his breath labored and heavy as he gulped down air into his starved lungs. The darkness seemed to taunt him, tease him with avenues of escape, only to dash those hopes aside with sinister, looming trees. All around him he heard the howls, the calls from the werewolves hunting him.

Shit shit shit! Harry chanted in his head. Damn my Gryffindor courage! Why couldn't I have listened to Hermoine for once in my cursed life?

A shadow shifted to Harry's right before merging with the darkness of the night. Harry veered left, ducking under an overhanging branch as he struggled to keep running. He had been following a lead to the whereabouts of one of the Horcrux Voldemort had created when he split pieces of his soul. He didn't stop to think that the lead was a little suspicious. A Horcrux hidden in the depths of the Forbidden Forest? Puh-lease. So, he being the Gryffindor Golden Boy, Harry set out to search for the Horcrux. By himself. Without anyone knowing his whereabouts.

I'm fucked, was Harry's immediate thought as soon as he realized he was being followed.

A growl erupted over Harry's shoulder. Before he could react and cast a disarming spell, he was knocked to the ground, a heavy weight pinning him in place.

"Be still, pup," a low voice growled by his left ear.

Harry jerked, his body immediately tensing. Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no. . . Harry pleaded silently. Not him! Please, Merlin, not HIM!

The voice chuckled, as if reading his thoughts. A raspy tongue licked the outside shell of Harry's ear, causing shivers to race down the young boy's back. "Recognize me yet, pup? You should. I am, after all, the alpha to your dear Lupin."

Harry squeezed his eyes shut. He didn't want to see him. He didn't want to acknowledge him. Fenrir Greyback. The most blood-thirsty of all werewolves. Leader of a pack of werewolves equally as blood-thirsty and aligned with the Dark Lord himself.

Fenrir hummed as he stretched out his body flush against Harry's. "Delightful," he murmured as he glimpsed the long, lean muscles of the teenager. "I was told to kill you on the spot, pup. But I think I'll play with you first."

At that comment, Harry's eyes snapped open. "NO!" he shouted as his body lurched, attempting to throw the heavy alpha off his back. "No!" Wild throughts raced through his head. He knew werewolves like Fenrir hated using magic. Brute force was their expertise. Was he going to be beaten? Taken prisoner and starved? Whipped? He continued to struggle against the werewolve's hold, fighting to get free.

A malicious grin spread across Fenrir's face. He always did love it when they fought back. Made the submission so much more sweeter. He grabbed both of Harry's wrists in his left hand and stretched them above the boy's head. The young teenager was half Fenrir's size and so dainty and fragile compared to the hard compact muscles of the older man.

"That's it, keeping fighting me, pup," Fenrir crooned in Harry's ear. "Soon your body will be writhing under a different tune." With a chuckle, he leaned down and bit the soft flesh where shoulder met neck.

Harry gasped sharply. Something in his brain, a deep primordial instinct forced his body to freeze, recognizing the bite of an alpha. Adrenaline flooded his system, making him acutely aware to every little thing. From the feel of Fenrir hot puffs of air against his flesh, to the soft cooling breeze spilling into the night, to the calls of wildlife as they continued all around him. He felt Fenrir lift the lower half of his body up for a fraction of a second. Enough time for the werewolf to grip the waistband of Harry's worn jeans and yanking them, along with his underwear, to his knees.

As soon as the cool air struck his naked flesh, Harry's body jerked. "Stop!" he pleaded. "No! Don't do this!"

Fenrir merely chuckled, his right hand roaming across the exposed flesh. "Who's going to stop me, pup? You? Don't worry, I won't be too rough. You'll be whining like a bitch in heat in no time."

Harry flushed at his crude words as he continued to struggle. He had to get away! Or at least get to his wand. If he could just get one hand free from Fenrir's grasp, he could reach inside his sleeve and . . .

Harry almost wailed when said wand was ripped from his arm holster and flung into the darkness of the forest. "We'll have none of that, pup," Fenrir growled. He grabbed something that was out of Harry's vision, then returned, a vine clenched in his hand. The werewolf deftly tied Harry's wrists together, freeing both of his hands for use. Fingers tangled themselves amid Harry's unruly locks, effectively holding him down. He heard a rustling, then a grunt before Fenrir's body came back to rest against his. Harry nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt the tell-tale hardness press against his thigh.

"P-please!" he stammered. "Please don't do this!"

"But I want to. I want to play, pup. Think you can keep up with me?" Fenrir taunted. He almost hissed as he rocked against the squirming seventeen year old. He leaned back, hands gripping Harry's hips as he manipulated the boy up and onto his knees. He grinned at the picture presented to him.

Harry Potter, wizard, the prophesized Savior of the Wizarding World, on his hands and knees, naked from the waist down, and positively begging to be shagged senseless.

Fenrir reached around with his left hand, palming Harry's groin. He used his right hand to trace the contours of Harry's jaw. "Open wide, pup," he ordered before shoving two fingers inside the boy's mouth. "Lick them real wet, unless you want it to hurt."

Tears slid down Harry's face. This can't be happening. This can't be happening! his mind screamed even though he knew it was. The hard press of Fenrir's body against his, the feel of the werewolve's cock sliding against the cleft of his arse, leaving a slick trail of precum in its wake was all too real to be make believe. Whimpering in defeat, he obediantly curled his tongue around the older man's fingers.

Fenrir almost came as soon as he felt the wizard's tongue against his skin. Immediately, thoughts of what else that tongue could wrap around came to mind. He growled, a low gutteral sound from his throat as he rocked against Harry's body. After a few minutes, Fenrir dislodged that delightful tongue from his fingers.

"Best relax, pup," he warned, feeling generous tonight. It wasn't every day a werewolf could fuck the Gryffindor Golden Boy. He teased the ring of muscles hidden between the soft globes of Harry's arse with light strokes before plunging a finger deep. Harry keened, his body lurching forward from the invasion. His bond hands clenched into fists as his body fought against the strange feeling of intrusion.

Fenrir's chest rumbled at the feel of Harry's muscles tightening around his finger. He withdrew from the boy's body to the first knuckle, then plunged back in. Again and again he repeated the motion, delighting in each whimper and mewl spilling from Harry's lips. He deftly inserted a second finger, loosening the muscles for something far larger and firmer. Fenrir curled his fingers as he stroked. When Harry cried out, he knew he had found that special spot hidden inside the boy's body. He licked the sensitive skin just behind the slighter male's ear. Harry tossed his head to the side, unknowingly baring his neck to the alpha. It was a sign of total submission and it brought unholy glee down upon the werewolf.

Satisfied that the boy was stretched enough for his taste, Fenrir withdrew his fingers. Using his knee, he spread Harry's trembling thighs wider. Hard muscle met smooth skin as he placed the head of his erection against Harry's opening. With an inhuman growl, Fenrir lunged forward, impaling the pale boy on his flesh.

Harry screamed, tears freely flowing as he struggled to breathe. This was so much wider, thicker, then Fenrir's fingers. He burned with pain, his body instinctively clenching again and again to force the intrusion out. Sobbing, Harry clawed the soft dirt of the forest floor in a blind plea for freedom.

Pausing for just a moment to let frail wizard get accustomed to his girth, Fenrir sat back and again pondered his good fortune. Here was the great Harry Potter, arse painfully stretched and full with his flesh, whimpering piteously on his knees. He was submitting so beautifully to him, it made the werewolf want to howl.

With a low grunt of amusement, Fenrir drew back a few inches, then sank back in. Gripping the slender waist of the wizard, Fenrir, began a slow and steady pace, caught up at the sight of his cock sinking into the depths of Harry Potter. He tilted Harry's hips upwards, forcing the smaller male to arch his back. The new angle allowed a deeper, better penetration.

Harry's eyes squeezed shut at the first thrust. The burn was still there, but it slowly was dieing away to be replaced with something more horrifying. A tingle had begun to form at the base of Harry's spine. A pleasureable tingle. A tingle that stated Harry was enjoying his own rape.

Suddenly, Fenrir brushed up against a bundle of nerves deep inside of Harry. He gasped sharply, his hips jerking back, chasing Fenrir's withdraw. He sobbed as soon as he realized his traitorous actions and heard Fenrir's bark of laughter. No no no, this just can't be happening! He was not enjoying this. He wasn't!

His prostrate was struck again, harder this time. A whine escaped Harry's lips, his body writhing. In horror, he felt himself hardening with each deep thrust. Expert hands reached under his body and tweaked his sensitive nipples, rolling the pert buds between calloused fingertips. Harry could feel his heart thumping wildy beneath his ribs, each gasp of breath harsh to his ears. His body strained, coiled, muscles tightening in his abdomen.

Fenrir wanted to crow in triumph. "That's right," he growled in Harry's ear. "Enjoy it. I know you are." He trailed a hand down Harry's chest before wrapping fingers around his arousal. Harry cried out at the sudden warmth surrounding his weeping flesh. Fenrir rubbed the precum around, smearing the head of Harry's cock before stroking downward.

"P-please!" Harry pleaded, shivering oh so prettily beneath the werewolf.

"Please what?" Fenrir answered as he timed his thrust with each downward stroke of Harry's cock.

"Please! F-faster! I . . . I need . . .!"

"What, pup? What do you need?"

"You!" Harry sobbed brokenly. "Please! Please, fuck me!"

Fenrir snarled as he placed both hands on Harry's narrow waist for leverage. His hold was bruising, but neither boy or werewolf cared at the moment. With lips curled back, Fenrir slammed his hips forward. A harsh, brutal rhythm of thrusts and plunges began, the air around them filled with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Soft mewling slipped past Harry's lips, fingers digging deep into the earth for stability. His body rocked forward with each thrust as hands so much larger then his own steadied and gripped his hips. A dance of lust and pleasure raced into the night, bodies becoming slick with sweat and need.

If possible, Harry's body tensed even further. He was so close . . . so close! To what, the shy teenager didn't know. He had been a virgin to this point, unknowing and naive to all things of physical pleasure. Whatever it was, it just barely out of reach.

Fenrir grinned down at the withering body beneath him. Oh yes, Harry Potter was delightful in his submission. Black touseled hair, slender neck bared, muscles massaging his length. So delightful indeed. With a smirk, Fenrir stroked the underside of Harry's cock from tip to base as he licked the side of the boy's neck.

"I told you I'd have you whining like a bitch in heat, Harry," he whispered into his ear. "And are you? Are you a bitch in heat?"

"Yes!" Harry choked, his mind fogged with feverish need.

"Who are you bitch too, Harry? Who do you belong too?"

"You!" came the immediate response. "I belong to you! Please, please Fenrir-"

Harry yelped when a slap landed on the cheek of his arse.

"Who do you belong too, Harry?" Fenrir asked again.

"You, Fenrir, I-"

Again, another slap, harder his time. The sting mixed with the pleasure and had Harry groaning into the night.

"Who am I to you, Harry? Who?" Fenrir demanded.

Realization dawned bright in Harry's eyes. His head dropped down to his clenched hands as he warred with himself. If he said the words, if he acknowledged what the werewolf was demanding, it was as good as any written oath of submission. As good . . . as a Dark Mark.

"Tell me who, Harry," Fenrir crooned to the trembling boy. "And I'll let you cum. I'll let you cum again and again, every time I bend you over and take you."

Harry's breath shuddered. He couldn't . . . he just . . . he . . .

"Who am I, Harry?"

With a shudder that came from his soul Harry lifted his head, his emerald eyes gazing sightlessly out into the forest, and whispered, "Master . . . "

Fenrir's lips curled into a smile. "Good boy," he crooned. Placing his hands on either side of Harry's head, Fenrir strengthened his thrusts, pounding Harry's prostrate without mercy. Harry wailed loudly, his body spasming as he climaxed beneath the werewolf, spilling out onto his chest and ground. His muscles tightened around Fenrir's cock, teasing the alpha to join him in his release, milking him for what he's worth.

The werewolf yelled out into night. His back arched as his orgasm erupted, spilling his seed deep inside the wizard. With a snarl, he bent down and bit deep into the side of Harry's neck, marking him, infecting him. Harry was his now. His alone.

And he'd be damned if he'd share with anyone.

"Good pup," Fenrir praised, pulling Harry's body flush against his. A trail of cum escaped from within their joined bodies, sliding down the teen's slender thighs. With a smirk, Fenrir traced his fingers up the slick path, gathering his cum on his fingertips. He slowly rubbed the bottom of Harry's lip. "Be a good slave and clean this mess."

Harry moaned deep in his throat, lips parting, tongue darting out to lap at the werewolve's offering. He tasted the salty sweetness of the werewolf and of himself.

"You're mine, Harry Potter," Fenrir hissed, feeling his cock begin to harden deep within the wizard's body. "Mine."

"Yours," Harry whispered, giving himself up to the sensations only his alpha could provide.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The consistent sounds of birds filtered into Harry's subconcious as he slowly awoke. His bed felt strangely hard and unforgiving, and he shivered when a cool breeze slid across his naked body even with the heat pressed against his back.

Wait a minute . . . naked?!

Harry jerked upward. Or at least, attempted to jerk upward. A thick, muscled arm held him down in place. A thick muscled arm that didn't belong to him. Following the limb, Harry's eyes grew large at what he saw. Pinning him down was none other then Fenrir Greyback.

Harry's face erupted into a fiery blush that could have rivaled Ron Weasely's as he suddenly remembered the night before. After mind blowing sex, Fenrir had tossed Harry over his shoulder and brought the boy wizard to his den, a small cave buried underneath a large, sprawling tree. Once inside, nestled amid thick furs that served as bedding, Fenrir had calmly, cooly stated Harry's position.

That of a slave. A willing body that submits to Fenrir, his master.

As soon as Fenrir had described all that entailed, he had taken Harry again. And again. And again before snapping a collar around his throat. Harry's body was sore from the rough treatment, but satiated as well. Harry shivered at the horror of his predicament. His wand was lieing on the forest floor and he had no clue just where exactly in the Forbidden Forest he was at. Not to mention that by declaring Fenrir as his master, he had effectively bonded himself to the werewolf. Harry nearly groaned in despair. If only Hermoine was here, she could think of a way out. She was the brains, Harry was sure she would be able to figure things out and get him out of the mess he had got himself into.

The body spooned next to him shifted. "You think too loud, pup," Fenrir growled. Harry suddenly found himself flat on his back, with a looming dominant above him. His thighs spread, his body cradling Fenrir's weight. Harry flushed, eyes darting away in shameful lust.

The werewolf chuckled, his hips grinding against Harry's. He heard the soft gasp, felt the shiver run down the boy's body. "Like that, do you pup?"

"N-no!" Harry sputtered.

"Oh? Funny, this tells me differenty." Fenrir reached between their bodies and grasped Harry's wakening erection.

Harry couldn't stop the moan that filled the den's air. Sneering, Fenrir rolled onto his back, bringing Harry with him so that they reversed positions. It was now the alpha on his back and Harry straddling his body. "You made quite a mess of me last night, pup," Fenrir stated. "Use that tongue and clean me."


Fenrir reached out and grabbed the back of Harry's neck. "Clean me, slave," he leered before pushing Harry's face down to his chest. His nipples hardened at the startled puff of air the escaped Harry's lips. "Now."

Harry sat frozen for a moment, his eyes dilated with uncertainty. His tongue darted out to lick his lips but instead rubbed against Fenrir's skin. When he heard the moan from the werewolf, understanding dawned. With shy, unsure movements, Harry lapped the older male's chest, tracing patterns against the flesh. Instinct soon took over as he wandered towards the werewolf's nipples. He circled the taunt nubs with the tip of his tongue once, twice, three times before closing his mouth over the bud. Above him, Fenrir cursed as sensations surged in his veins. Encouraged by his reaction, Harry used his teeth to gently scrape against Fenrir's nipple before his tongue stroked upward. He dragged his mouth to the twin, laving just as much attention to the hardened nub as he did the other.

Fenrir's chest rumbled. He pushed the boy's head down further his torso. He wanted that talented tongue on his cock and he wanted it there now. Shyness overcame the slender brunette once more. The musky smell of the alpha filled his senses, the hot flesh rubbing against his cheek. He stroked the underside of Fenrir's erection with the broad side of his tongue before swirling around the crown of the werewolf's head. Gathering his breath and his courage, he opened his mouth and slipped the alpha's arousal into his mouth.

Back arching, Fenrir hissed with pure unadulterated pleasure. The hot moist cavern of Harry's mouth was almost too much. The feel of that tongue swirling around the tip of his cock before sucking him deeper down his throat was as pleasureable as any hunt Fenrir had ever been on. His eyes parted, heavy lidded with lust as he glanced down his straining body. A dark head of curls lay nestled between his thighs, small fragile hands cradling the base of his cock before slipping down to fondle his scrotum. Harry's cheeks hallowed as he sucked, the head of Fenrir's cock touching the back of the boy's throat. Eyelids lifted, and green eyes clouded with lust peered up at the werewolf.

"Enough!" Fenrir barked. He wanted to cum, but he wasn't going to waste it by spilling into that mouth. No matter how talented. With a cry of surprise, Harry was gripped underneath his arms and hauled up. Fenrir quickly rolled, pinning the smaller frame beneath his. With an impatient grunt, Fenrir parted Harry's thighs and tossed the boy's limbs over his shoulders, nearly folding the wizard in half.

Harry's hands fluttered wildly before settling on Fenrir's muslced forearms. Fenrir bared his teeth in a mockery of a smile before lunging forward, burying himself to the root deep inside Harry's body. A howl worthy of a werewolf was torn out of Harry's throat. The only lubrication was Harry's own saliva and even though they had mated hours before, the invasion was still brutal and painful. The small wizard arched his back upward, head thrown back as he cried out.

"Silence, slave," Fenrir leered as he drew back, hips snapping forward to slap against Harry's arse. Fenrir's hands settled on Harry's hips, holding the withering body still. As he stroked himself back and forth inside Harry's body, he reveled in the breathless pants and murmurs from the submissive young boy. When he saw a pale hand snake down to take hold of his erection, Fenrir slapped it away.

"When you cum, it'll be because of my cock and mine alone," Fenrir growled. Harry whimpered in response but obeyed, hands reach down to grip the furs in a white-nuckle embrace.

Fenrir angled his next thrust, striking that spot inside that sent waves upon waves of pleasure shooting across Harry. He raised his hips, timing each arch to Fenrir's next lunge.

"Please, master," Harry begged. "Please! Harder!"

Fenrir grinned triumphantly down at the wizard. In a lightning move, he dropped Harry's legs and slid his arms beneath the boy, drawing him up and off his back. Harry squeaked in surprise at the sudden movement, legs instinctively wrapping around the werewolf's hips. In less then a few seconds, Harry found himself settled on Fenrir's lap, the alpha's cock nestled deep inside.

"Ride me, pup," Fenrir ordered. "Set the pace. I want to see you cum."

Harry tossed his head back and nearly screamed as he drew himself up until only the head of Fenrir's arousal lay inside him. Allowing gravity to take hold, he slid back down the length, rubbing against his prostate on the way down. He was amazed the alpha werewolf would allow him to set the pace but he wasn't about to argue. Arms circling Fenrir's broad shoulders, Harry began to rock up and down, willingly fucking himself on his master's cock again and again.

Fenrir licked his lips in wanton lust, hands reaching around to grasp each cheek of Harry's arse. He pulled them apart and pressed a fingertip to where his flesh slide inside of Harry's. The pressure made Harry jump before resuming his frantic pace. Harry felt his body coiling tightly, like a spring. His cock, sandwiched between his stomach and Fenrir's, was continuously dripping pre-cum. The slickness only fueled Harry's pleasure as it made both their skin slick. He was so close, he could see the starbursts begin to form beneath his clenched eyes.

The pace that Harry was setting wasn't satisfying Fenrir at all. He reclaimed his grasp around the wizard's narrow hips and began to take control. He leered at Harry when his eyes flew open in surprise as the smaller boy was slammed down harshly. If possible, it felt like Fenrir was growing harder, broader, inside of Harry's rippling channel. With a howl, Fenrir shoved the boy off his lap.

Taken back, Harry scrambled backwards. A look in Fenrir's eyes told him all he needed. Obediately, he rolled over onto his stomach, legs spread, ass raised temptingly into the air. Fenrir lunged foward, immediately thrusting into the welcoming heat. Harry cried out into the furs, scrambling for steady surface. He locked his elbows to support each penetrating shove, each grinding thrust coming from the body above his.

An animalistic light shone in Fenrir's eyes as he pinned Harry down with a hand on his back. The moistness, the tightness from being inside of Harry drew out the werewolf as he mated roughly. He could feel coarse hair begin to grow on his body, feel his cock thickening, his senses heightening. His vision seem to narrow as he focused on the withering form beneath, the broken moans of pleasure filling the cave's air.

Suddenly, it all snapped back into focus when he felt Harry climax. The beautiful boy's back arched, head thrown back as he screamed his release, his domination, into the world. Fenrir leaned forward, fingers yanking Harry's head to the side as he slammed his mouth down upon the panting boy's lips. The kiss was seering in its brutality, in its ownership. The alpha ripped his mouth away to shout his own climax, his body tensing as he shot wave after wave deep inside the wizard's body.

Harry felt the rush of warmth fill his arse. Another fever like pleasure raced underneath his skin, his cock jerking to spill again and again onto the furs beneath him. He whimpered and mewled as his orgasm as well as Fenrir's seemed to go on forever. He felt the werewolf's seed escape from his hole to run down his trembling thighs.

Fenrir breathlessly laughed. He slowly withdrew from the boy, earning a small whine from him. He collapsed onto his back, body strained and sore.

"You made another mess, pup," he chuckled. "Lick it up like a good slave."

With no further prodding, Harry obediately, willing, crawled between Fenrir's spread thighs and licked away the traces of their mating. When he felt gentle fingers comb through his tangled locks, he purred in contentment.

"Good boy," Fenrir murmured. "You're my good little slave, aren't you?"

"Yes, master," Harry whispered. "Yours. Always yours."


The end


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