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Survival In Death Part 6

Title: Survival In Death

Authors: unbroken_halo and sevs_lil_secret

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Company belong to JK Rowling. No money was made writing this bit of fiction.

Pairing: Harry/Severus

Rating: NC-17

Status: WIP

Summary: Harry tries to convince Snape it would be in both of their best interests to bond. Snape isn't ready to be convinced.

Warnings: Violence

AN: Written for thematic_hp's Round One Forced Marriage/Bonding fics: Prompt #76. Harry is a vampire. Snape is forced, against his will, to be his bonded mate. Crossposted to unbroken_halo, and hpvamp.

Previous chapters can be found here

Survival In Death

Harry walked down the street, the bag of Snape's chocolate candy held tightly in his fist. He wanted to make certain the candy was a fresh as possible for the other man and had waited until almost the last minute to purchase the sweet treat. Tomorrow, he was due to arrive at the seaside cottage but he'd had a strange feeling all week.

He glanced around the street in the darkness, noting the few after work stragglers hurrying home in the dampness of London's fog and rain. It didn't appear that anyone was following him but he felt a presence there that irritated him nonetheless. Sighing, he turned up the collar of his long overcoat against the biting wetness and hurried on to his home.

Several hundred miles away, Snape looked up from his book, a strange chill coming over him despite the fire that was burning cheerfully in the grate. Pursing his lips, he set the book to the side and got to his feet, perhaps a quick walk about the cottage to make certain everything was as it should be would help.

Walking through the rooms showed him that nothing was amiss, but when he returned to his armchair, the feeling of unease was still draped about him.

Harry crossed the street to his home; the house was dark except for a lone candle burning in one room. He opened the door, searching out with his senses. Someone had been here but they were no longer. He looked around, his eyes getting darker and enhancing the night vision he had acquired with his change. His fangs elongated and he hissed softly, closing the door behind himself and warding it with a wave of his wand.

Anger filled him as he stalked through the house searching for whatever the intruder had been after.

Snape's head snapped up, a feeling of anger filling him unexpectedly as he turned his head, looking for an intruder. Something was wrong here.

Harry came back into the sitting room and looked around as he set Snape's chocolate on the end table. There was no one here but he still didn't relax his guard. Something was certainly wrong and he was in no shape to deal with it. His week was almost at a close and he sank down on to the sofa, exhausted from the energy he'd expended, searching out the intruder.

He closed his eyes as his fangs painfully recessed back into his gums. So maybe he'd been a bit optimistic about being able to last the week out. Snape would never consent to a more frequent feeding though he was certain of it. Taking a deep breath he sighed and thought about Remus's missive. His friend had sent news that it was possibly the bond making things more difficult.

Harry shook his head at Remus's notion that he needed to try and spend more time with Snape. That being closer to the other man would ease Harry's symptoms. He snorted and sighed knowing that Snape would never allow that either.

Still wary and with a growing sense of unease, Snape opened the link he shared with Potter; something just wasn't right.


Harry's eyes snapped open and he blinked. Surely that wasn't Snape's voice he'd heard. The man wouldn't actually seek him out would he? He listened but didn't hear anything else and opened the link between them. "Snape?"

"Yes, you dunderhead, it's me. What in the name of Merlin is going on?" Snape demanded crossly, not happy his quiet evening had been shattered.

Harry smiled, surprised at how comforting it was to know that Snape hadn't changed one bit. "Nothing for you to be concerned about. I am just resting. Why?"

"Because I have the urge to kill something and there is nothing here. Have you been threatened?" Snape asked, slowly beginning to relax.

Harry shook his head. "Nothing I can't handle, Snape. I apologize that your evening was ruined."

Snape frowned, mentally kicking himself for what he was about to suggest. "You are coming tomorrow, yes?"

"That was our arrangement, Snape. I should be there at dusk." Harry grinned again. "I have your chocolate."

Snape sighed and shook his head. "Just come now. Apparate to the garden."

Harry's eyebrows rose to his hairline and he chuckled softly. "Do you need a chocolate fix that badly, Snape?"

"No Potter, but I do need to rid myself of this sense of unease and you seem to be the cause of it. If you are here, then I can be reasonably certain you are not up to mischief," Snape snorted as he reached for his book once more. "Besides, a bit of chocolate would be nice."

Harry laughed. "I see. I can't make it tonight, Snape. I've yet to have all the earth I need brought up from Godric's Hollow but I will be there tomorrow evening."

Snape frowned slightly. "Very well. I assume you will be staying?" he asked, lifting the now cold cup of tea that had been on the side table, sipping at the bitter dregs.

Harry held his breath for a moment. "Did you want me to?" he asked softly, not daring to have any desire for the man to know that very thing had been in his thoughts lately.

"You may as well, I suppose you may turn out to be useful," Snape drawled, not wanting to tell the boy that he thought he might feel a bit more at ease if Potter were close by. "I trust your eyesight is good in the dark."

"To the extreme. Expect a delivery tomorrow. I am owling my barrister to arrange for the sandbags of earth to arrive tomorrow." Harry summoned some parchment and began writing. "Any specific time that you would like them to arrive? I'll have some workers move the earth as well. All you have to do is open the door for them."

He paused for a moment. "Thank you, Snape."

"I shall be home all day Potter, send them in the afternoon and I shall have them spread out," Snape murmured. "I trust you won't mind doing a bit of gardening?"

Harry made a notation. "Greyjoy will have someone cart them into the cellar and he's discreet about such things." He tried to reassure the man, knowing this was a huge imposition on Snape. He whistled for Hedwig and waited to hear if Snape had anything else to say.

"You want me to dig in the dirt after dark?"

"There will be no stranger tracking into my home Potter. He will leave everything outside and I shall deal with it," Snape said icily, he could just as easily dump the dirt into the root cellar and smooth it out, he didn't need some porter mucking about his home.

"I would think you would prefer to work in the garden at night, rather than during the day," Snape snorted with a sneer.

Harry acquiesced and sighed too tired to continue fighting with the older man. He made the notations in the missive and watched Hedwig take it out the chute.

"Snape, leave the earth in the bags and I'll move them when I arrive." He stood and walked around the sitting room, pacing as he thought about the unpleasant past. "Actually I'd prefer not to work in the garden at all. I can however make certain that anything you need to restore the grounds is taken care of."

There was silence for a moment, Snape grinding his teeth as Potter seemingly dictated to him what he would and would not do. "Very well Potter. Enjoy your evening."

Harry sighed again. "What have I done now, Snape? Is everything for the next lifetime going to be a battle with you? I am trying to make it easier on us."

"Good night Potter," Snape growled, gritting his teeth before closing the link between them.

Harry frowned and picked up the bag of chocolates, throwing them across the room in a fit of pique. He watched the bag fall and shook his head, restless again knowing that his sanctuary had been breeched and that somehow he had pissed off Snape once again.

Scowling he drew his wand and began casting spells, cleaning the house of the lingering presence.


Early the next afternoon, Snape answered the knock at his door, a scowl on his face as he spied a lorry idling in the lane out front. Harry's dirt had arrived. Giving strict instructions for the bags to simply be left outside the door, Snape shut the door and went back to his book. This evening would be tense.

Harry rose and knew there was someone in the house. He lay still on the bags of earth in the basement, listening to them. He wondered how they got in because he had reset his wards and cast new ones before dying this morning.

His fangs elongated in preparation to defend himself. Weak as he was from the fasting, he really didn't want to fight with the intruder. Hopefully he could drive them away. He had to protect Snape and he wouldn't let the intruder find the older man.

Basil Mountbleau crept through the old house, phial of Holy Water in one hand and portable sun lamp in the other. He was set out to destroy the vile creature that had defiled his former Head of House. He'd met with many former classmates about what Potter had done and it had been decided that the creature would die for his impudence.

He had to find the night creature's daytime lair, he knew it would have to be a dark enclosed spot, but without an idea of how the old house was laid out, Mountbleau was reduced to bumbling around opening random doors.

Harry listened to the footsteps above him preparing to do battle with the intruder. He closed off all connection to Snape trying to protect the man from whatever was about to happen. The bond wasn't too firmly entrenched and he hoped that if something were to happen to him, Snape would escape with only minor damage.

He misted, exiting the basement through the ducts in the wall, working his way through to the upper floor. Slowly seeping through the vent and into the kitchen, Harry stayed in mist form, hovering low to the floor as he made his way into the rest of the house.

Mountbleau cocked his head as he heard a noise from behind one of the doors. He flicked the stopper out of phial and held it at the ready, wondering if he should have waited until sunrise to confront the beast.

"Potter come out, you need to pay for what you've done to Snape!" he shouted, proud of the fact his voice didn't waver.

Harry formed partially and arched an eyebrow. What he'd done to Snape? Surprise filled him that someone would be bold enough to enter a vampire's lair after sundown. He could almost hear Snape's voice telling him no snake of his would do something so foolish.

Shaking his head slightly he retreated back and watched from the shadow of the fireplace, still not recognizing the heavy form. The phial however reeked and he knew what that was. Briefly, he wondered what else the man had brought to destroy the nasty vampire before he melded back into the shadows, waiting for an opportunity.

"Come on Potter; don't make me come after you. If you release Snape we'll let you go," he called out, flicking the lamp on. Mountbleau was hoping for an opportunity to stun Potter with the Holy Water and then fry him with the UV light, he didn't want to fight with the vampire.

Harry nearly gave his position away by laughing aloud. As if he could actually hold Snape anywhere the man didn't want to be. He flinched as the light shined over the room. It wouldn't do him any real damage but it could blind him and then where would he be.

He misted, flowing down to the floor and away from the would-be vanquisher. Fighting back the urge to kill the man just for invading his home was something he wasn't dealing too well with. If he could escape then he could have Ron or Hermione come the next day and remove his earth. He would miss this old house but he had been found and knew it was time to move on.

"Snape isn't here. Leave now and I won't have to kill you," his voice echoed in the room as he glided away to the next hiding place in the shadows behind the other man.

Mountbleau whirled around, a fine sweat breaking on his brow from nerves and fear. "Where is he? What have you done with him?" he demanded. "Show yourself, beast."

This time Harry did laugh. It was cold and harsh in the darkness, promising nothing but pain. "Do you actually think I would tell you? Leave, before you anger me even further. You are intruding on a nest and there are consequences for that."

He silently cast a disarming charm, smiling satisfactorily as the phial of Holy Water was ripped out of the man's hand and crashed into the hearth. "Now!"

"Watch your back Potter; we will rescue Snape from what you've done to him!" Mountbleau yelled, vowing to return at daybreak to stake the vampire. Peering about warily, the man backed out of the room. "This isn't over!" he yelled and slammed the front door.

Harry fought back the urge to follow and destroy the delusional man. He shook his head as he formed once again while gliding over to the hearth. He stopped several feet away and pulled a face. The stench was overwhelming and he hissed at the mess. No charms from him would cleanse the spot from the bricks.

He glanced up at the clock and scowled. What had seemed like a few short minutes in battle time had actually been two hours of cat and mouse. He felt weary and sank down on to the sofa, closing his eyes as he tried to calm himself. He couldn't go to Snape like this. There was no accounting for what might happen and he wouldn't place Snape in anymore danger.

He would wait and see if the man returned before going to Snape a bit later. No sense in giving away Snape's location.

In his bed, Snape sat upright, awake in an instant, the feeling of unease had returned and now the growing sense of hatred was hot on its heels. What on earth was Potter doing?

Frowning as he lit a candle, he lay back against his pillows, picking up his book and trying to read himself back to sleep.

Once again, the entire house stank from the man's presence and Harry hated the fact that he could still feel the man. The presence closed in on him muddling his senses. He looked around the room, despair filling him that he would have to move on. His entire life had been uprooted in less than a month and he was not happy about it. He was just trying to live his new life.

Hunger pangs jolted Harry out of his brood and he looked around the room again. It wasn't like him to drift off like that especially since there was a threat around; one he wasn't entirely certain that was gone. However the adrenaline had run out and he was left even more exhausted than before so he supposed it was only natural to feel this drained.

Harry willed away the ache in his gut and summoned some parchment from his desk and began writing the first of many missives.

Looking up from his book, Snape frowned as he looked at the old clock on the wall. Where was Potter? He didn't have all night to wait to become the man's dinner.

"Potter," he snapped irritably. "Where are you?"

Harry felt something tickle at his conscious and he tensed. Was the intruder coming back? He tightened his shielding of Snape and misted through the ceiling, waiting. This time he wouldn't hesitate to kill.

Growling to himself, Snape closed his book once more and concentrated on Potter's location, wondering if he could possibly find the younger man and shake some sense into him. Potter was no longer a student, so there were no longer rules against using physical means to get the brat to listen to him.

He smiled grimly, getting up to dress; Snape knew he could find Potter now. Wand in hand, Snape focused and Apparated to Potter's home.

Flicking his wand at the front door, Snape brought down the wards the brat had placed on the door.

"Potter!" he snarled out as he looked around the dusty old furnishings of what could be a sitting room. "Show yourself."

Startled, Harry fell from the ceiling perch he had assumed when he felt someone Apparate to the grounds. He looked up at Snape, eyes blackish red with hatred and fangs full out. "Get out, you fool! They could still be here!" he hissed at Snape and misted again.

Filled with anger, Snape snarled. "Who is here, you idiot boy?" he demanded, stepping forward where Potter had been. "Come back here this instant!"

Harry leaned partially out of the wall and grabbed the front of Snape's robes. He pulled the man closer to him, eyes searching out the room before meeting the other man's. "Wizard..." he paused and inhaled Snape's scent. Fatigue overwhelmed him and the need to feed came roaring back. Harry closed his eyes trying to calm himself.

Seduced by Snape's scent he ran his nose up Snape's neck breathing in the warm skin and the smell of the sea. He breathed against Snape's neck and then licked just below his ear. "Fuck... you smell so good."

Snape pulled out of Potter's grasp and regarded him coldly. "Nothing for you. Dinner was served several hours ago," he said frostily as he pulled the collar of his robe up.

Harry walked out of the wall, advancing on Snape. "I had a bit of a problem with an admirer of yours but I still need to feed." He licked his lips and ran his tongue across his fangs and he inhaled again, drawing the scent of his bonded to him once more.

"What problem and what admirer?" Snape asked, keeping his distance from the hungry vamp. What on earth was Potter on about?

"Don't run Snape, I don't want to hunt you." Harry whispered and reached out for Snape. "Please. Just let me have you."

Snape stared at Potter. "Do you have control of your senses, Potter?" he asked softly, unsure of the stability of the other man's mind.

Harry's eyes darted up to Snape's face. "Yes, entirely. Just don't show any fear, Snape." His eyes ran down Snape's face to his jugular and he licked his lips again. "It's been a long two days and I just need to feed. I promise to take care of you then I will explain." he reached out and placed a hand on Snape's chest. "I won't hurt you. I can make it pleasurable for you if you would let me," he whispered softly, suddenly understanding now just what Remus had written about.

Snape sighed irritably, unbuttoned his robe and shrugged it from his shoulders. "Hold on one moment Potter, kindly allow me to prepare myself," he murmured, lying his robe over a nearby chair and then rolling up his shirt sleeve to expose his left arm, his eyes never leaving Potter's.

"No, I refuse to take from there any longer. It hurts you and I ache every time afterwards." Harry looked away from Snape. "Do not ask it of me again."

"You would presume to feed from my neck?" Snape scoffed. "To presume the intimacy of a lover? Surely you jest." He looked down at where Potter was looking away, Snape knowing he wasn't ready for that much intimacy yet.

"I apologize. How many more times do I have to say it?" Harry scowled and looked up at Snape. "I have let you lead this bond since forcing it on you. Many times over I could have enthralled you, forced you again, into a more pleasant bond. I have restricted myself, weakened what little control I have over this curse to pander to you and still it is not enough. You grow stronger through our bond and I am supporting it, so all I am asking is for a little consideration, Snape."

Snape looked away, uncomfortable facing the truth he didn't want to share with Potter. "Do what you will," he muttered, twisting his neck and baring the smooth expanse to the vampire, keeping his eyes tightly clenched.

Harry sucked in a breath, watching the vein pulse in Snape's neck. He took a step forward and exhaled slowly. Reaching out he caressed Snape's neck, stepping closer to the other man as he wrapped one arm around his slender waist. "I'm not going to hurt you. I promise, just relax against me."

Leaning in, Harry inhaled the scent of the other man and sighed out a breath across the pale skin. "My bonded." He pressed a kiss to the vein, tongue sliding slowly and smoothly across the man's skin.

Snape remained rigid, the tension tightly coiled in his body as Potter embraced him. "Just do it and get it over with quickly Potter," he muttered, grimacing as if in pain. As Potter licked him, he brought a hand up to push the vampire away.

"Don't, just feed Potter."

Harry stepped back and shook his head. "No, not until you relax. I won't force this on you again." He closed his eyes, his form misting for a moment and then clearing. A pale ethereal beauty stood in Harry's place and reached out to touch Snape's chest. "I can be anyone for you." the beauty's voice whispered to Snape, soft and huskily.

Snape jerked away from Potter's new form. "No!" he cried, pushing the new form away. His chest heaving, Snape stared wild-eyed at Potter, the fear evident in the man's face.

Harry shifted forms and backed away from Snape. "Go. Just go Snape. I won't bother you any longer." he misted again and sank through the vents back to the basement.

His breathing returning to normal, Snape wiped his hand over his face, hanging his head in shame at his behaviour. He needed to find Potter.

Taking a deep breath, he began searching through the house, finding a door that opened to a staircase leading down, presumably to the basement. Taking each step carefully, Snape made his way down in the blackness, turning his head from side to side to listen for the other man.

"Potter?" he said softly, looking around in the dark when he reached the earth floor of the basement.

"Go away Snape." Harry whispered softly and put some compulsion behind the request. "I'm sorry I forced this on you. Go on back to your life. I won't bother you any longer."

Snape felt the compulsion and promptly ignored it. Sighing to himself, he reached back and carefully lowered himself to sit on one of the steps he'd just come down.

"We should talk about a few things Po... Harry," Snape said softly, all malice and venom gone from his voice.

Harry opened his eyes, Snape's seated form coming into clear view. He crooked his head to the side watching the other man. His name on Snape's lips causing an intense yearning to ease the pain he could almost feel coming off of Snape. "There's nothing to talk about, Snape. Just go before I do something inherently stupid."

"No, there are several things you should know," Snape began, snorting softly as he realized how much simpler this seemed to be in the dark.

"The form you took was alarming to me. Women are... frightening," Snape murmured with a shake of his head. "I apologize for over reacting."

Harry snorted. "Considering the company you kept in the past I can understand the reaction and the sentiment." he sighed and looked away from his bonded. "Snape, I know you didn't want to be in this situation and I understand it completely. You don't have to explain anything to me."

"I'm not good with intimacy, it's not something I've been accustomed to in my life," Snape began, swallowing hard, "and I'm not certain how to do it."

Harry stood and walked towards Snape. "Stop. I don't want to hear this. Please go, Snape."

"Why not? You were all ready just a few moments ago to wrap yourself around me and pleasure me," Snape said, a note of sadness in his voice. With a sigh, he got to his feet and turned to go.

"You don't really want that, so I won't force it out of you, Snape." Harry whispered softly. "Contrary to my actions I am not a monster and I know that this makes you uncomfortable. I won't be a party to your misery when you looked happy every time I have invaded your home."

"I'm afraid of it, the only workings I've had of it were... cruel," Snape murmured as he climbed the next step. "No, you aren't a monster."

Harry stared up at Snape for a moment. "And I only compound the matter. You'd do right to keep going then, Snape. I never should have bit you."

"We're bonded Harry, that is unbreakable," Snape murmured as he paused on the step. "We will need to work something out."

Harry snorted. "Sensible Snape. Something I thought to have never seen." He brushed his hands on his trousers and shook his head. "There's a bedroom upstairs if you want to stay." he said softly.

Snape chuckled softly in the dark, the sound almost sad as it echoed off of the stone walls. "Are you coming up?" he asked, waiting.

"It will be dawn soon. I am not much good then. Go on and we'll talk more later, Snape." he shook his head. "Oh, your chocolate is upstairs. I am afraid it's in pieces though. I'll replace it tomorrow night." Harry sat down on the bags of earth and waved at Snape. "Rest well."

Snape followed the sound of Potter's voice, finding the younger man and sitting down next to him. "You still need to feed," he said quietly. "Go ahead, just... I'm not ready for more than that right now."

Harry's entire body stiffened when Snape sat down next to him. He could smell the blood pulsing through the older man's veins and licked his lips. "I can't take it at the wrist any longer Snape, but I can try at the elbow." He picked up Snape's arm fingers gracing over the Dark Mark.

He bent Snape's arm bringing it to his mouth and inhaled the man's scent; sea salt and wind, the masculine musk of Snape beneath the outdoorsy smell.

Snape nodded in the dark. "That is acceptable, would the other arm be better for you?" he asked, barely breathing as he felt Potter's breath over his bared flesh.

Harry rubbed his face along Snape's arm, his mouth and teeth just scratching the skin as he licked at the bend in Snape's arm. "Here is fine, if you hold extremely still."

He adjusted his hold, wrapping one hand around Snape's forearm and the other around his bicep. "It's still going to sting but not near as much." The razor sharp fangs pierced the skin and Harry moaned as the dark rich blood welled to the surface. Running his tongue over the fount he pulled hard on the flow, bringing Snape closer to him.

Snape did his best to relax as Harry drank, knowing if he tensed up it would only create pain and discomfort for himself. Potter had been right, it didn't hurt as bad from here; he supposed it was due to larger veins and arteries.

After a moment of listening to Potter's quiet swallows in the dark, Snape found himself raising his other hand to rest on the top of the younger man's unruly hair. "Eat," he murmured softly as he began to feel light-headed and drowsy.

Harry's eyes cut up to look at Snape and moved his hand, curling it about Snape's shoulder. He pulled the other man closer and gently ran his hand up Snape's hair to rest the other man's head on his shoulder. He closed his eyes, drinking a bit more then licked over the wound once more sealing the punctures. Wrapping his other arm around Snape, he held on to the other man as the magic and blood coursed through his veins.

Shaking slightly and nauseous, Snape leaned forward, vomiting on the dirt between his feet before sitting back up and moaning softly.

Harry drew his wand and cleared away the sick then summoned a glass from the kitchen. He spelled it full with water and offered it to the other man.

"Be really still and drink slowly. I think I have some Pepper-Up in the loo. Would you like me to take you upstairs to the bedroom?" He ran his hand in circles over Snape's back and pulled the lanky hair out of his face, smoothing the sweat from Snape's brow.

"I should return home," Snape mumbled, the words slurred, "I shan't impose on you."

Harry shook his head and rose, carefully bringing Snape with him. "One good turn deserves another Snape. You can rest here." He led the other man up the stairs and into a bedroom.

Setting Snape on the double bed, Harry removed his boots and set them beside the nightstand. He leaned Snape back, propping a pillow under him. "Don't move. I'll be back with a potion."

Not in a position to do anything but listen to instructions, Snape let his weight drop back against the pillows as he looked bleary-eyed around the bedroom. It was decorated spartanly and plainly, something he approved of. "Hurry up Potter, my head is killing me."

Harry rolled his eyes as he walked softly from the room. No matter how uncomfortable the situation was between the two of them it was nice to see the snarky man returning to normal. He cast the wards again on the door and summoned the potion from the loo. He retrieved the bag of chocolate and returned to the bedroom.

"I'm afraid I don't have a blood replenishing draft but there is a fully stocked kitchen pantry to the left of the sitting room. Greyjoy is supposed to be coming tomorrow to begin packing up the house."

Harry pulled the stopper from the phial and held it out to Snape, not wanting to take any more liberties than he already had even though he wanted to crawl into the bed next to Snape and gently caress away the strained look on his face.

"Why do you have food?" Snape asked curiously as he looked up at Potter, taking the phial and downing the contents. Taking the bag, he peered in at the contents with a frown. "You killed the Flake, reprehensible."

"It's a kitchen. I had it stocked when I returned from Hogwarts. Greyjoy keeps it fresh just in case he needs a safe house for one of his clients. Not many people know this is my home, and until today, I thought it was rather impregnable."

Harry shrugged as he sat down in the armchair across from the bed. "It was sacrificed to my frustrations. I will replace it tomorrow."

Snape grunted as he scooped up some of the broken chocolate with his fingers, sucking them clean. "I'll get some later, this will suffice," he mumbled, closing his eyes and enjoying the sweet treat.

"This Greyjoy, he's your human servant, then?" Snape asked, setting the bag on the bed side table and sighing in contentment.

Harry watched Snape lick his fingers then looked away. "No, I don't have a human servant. I have no desire or need of a Renfield. I engaged him to oversee some of my daytime needs but you would be surprised what a few Galleons can buy in the night."
Snape smirked at that. "I am well aware of what can be bought in the night. Will he be following you to the cottage, then?" he asked as he eyed Harry and then looked to the window to gauge how much night was left.

Harry arched an eyebrow. "I won't be relocating to the cottage. He is securing me another house." He followed Snape's gaze to the window. "I've a few more minutes although the sun weighs heavy on me," he whispered softly.

"Nonsense, there is enough room at the cottage," Snape snorted and then nodded. "Rest well, Potter."

Harry stood and nodded. "Thank you and you as well." He turned to leave. "I'll leave a notice for Greyjoy that you are here and not to disturb you. Good night, Snape."

He softly closed the door behind him and cast an Imperturbable Charm on the room so Snape wouldn't be disturbed. Harry turned back to the sitting room and came face to face with the intruder from earlier.

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