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Sign up for round 6 - dark Harry or other "good" character

Sign up for round 6 - dark Harry or other "good" character

There are 79 prompts to choose from. You don't have to be a member of the community to claim one. You can even claim a few of them if you wish to. You can write a drabble, an epic, or anything in between. Gen, het, slash & femslash are all fine.

The round finishes on 31 July; however, late submissions will be welcome.

To claim a prompt, just comment on this post.

  1. In the Chamber of Secrets, Ginny merged with Voldemort. She is now the Dark Lord - or rather, Dark Lady.

  2. Ginny/Voldemort, but *consensual*, and not a PWP please.

  3. Colin Creevey blackmails his way into power. What will his first decisions be?

  4. Molly Weasley simply wanted the Wizarding World to have better moral standards. But now that she is in charge, she finds that powers brings nice rewards...

  5. Flitwick isn't as innocent as he seems.

  6. Dark!Harry. With Voldie's death, the magical bonds from the dark marks transfer to Harry. Apparently, the tattoos do more than just act as a pager. Harry's not quite the golden boy he once was, and with a legion of slaves just *aching* to do his bidding, temptation beckons.

  7. In an alternate universe, Harry, Hermione and the Weasley children run the Wizarding World.

  8. At the beginning of book 6, Snape tells Narcissa and Bellatrix that he had wondered if Harry would be the next Dark Lord. What if that had actually been the case?

  9. Humour, with Dark Lord Harry, Severus Snape, and Lucius as a lowly Death Eater.

  10. Bill or Charlie as the Dark Lord.

  11. Somebody Harry thinks is good betrays him, and arranges for his capture. (NOT Dumbledore, please.) A hurt/comfort fic, where Harry is hurt terribly by Voldemort and the Death Eaters, but is eventually rescued.

  12. The correct way to greet the ruler of the Wizarding World is on your knees, with your face pressed to the floor. If you're lucky, you might survive the meeting.

  13. Snape disobeys his master, and must accept the punishment.

  14. Trelawney isn’t the inoffensive old airhead she seems to be, and her prophecies are really a well-executed act that has fooled nearly everyone (including Dumbledore). Bonus if the prophecy that started it all for the Potters was due to a grudge she had against them.

  15. Harry as a Dark Lord, and acting like one (giving orders, punishing people, etc). Gen, het & slash are all fine, but NO Harry/Hermione or Harry/Draco, please.

  16. In the quest for knowledge when is the time to say stop? Can you or is it already too late?

  17. An AU where Lily & James both survive, but Harry is taken by Voldemort. They must try and get him back before it is too late.

  18. Fun loving twin #1 (your pick) is hit with a dark personality reversing spell, making him serious, secretive, dark, evil. Twin #2 and rest of the Weasley family must stop him at all cost. Love angst with happy ending!

  19. An AU where Harry is raised by Lucius Malfoy, at the order of Voldemort. Bonus points for Draco hating Harry because both he and his father are forced to treat Harry like a prince.

  20. Dark-but-lightsided!Harry: accepting that the only way to win this war is to fight fire with fire, Harry winds up on offense with the DEs but defense with the Order, who see him as attempting to become the new dark lord. Frustrated with the wizarding world's stupidity, Harry finally decides to just go with the flow - if they want him to be a new dark lord, he'll be a new freaking dark lord! (Gen or slash, dom!Harry.)

  21. Evil!McGonagall, and a good!Snape who only manages to fit the pieces of the puzzle together when it’s too late...

  22. Fleur isn't evil, but she's not as perfectly good as she seems. And as Bill finds out after his marriage, she demands total obedience from her husband...

  23. One of those stories where Harry is secretly Voldemort's son. How does Snape handle teaching him when he knows that Harry is the son of his master?

  24. Sirius comes back through the veil, and he isn't quite the same.

  25. Tonks as a Dark Lady. I don't care how you manage it, I just want to see it.

  26. Severus is a vampire, Harry is his human donor - but Harry is not the submissive one.

  27. Harry is a vampire, and Severus either his childe or his human donor. Severus must be submissive to Harry.

  28. Humour. Luna Lovegood becomes the ruler of the wizarding world, and forces all her subjects to read trashy romance novels.

  29. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, especially when you're only a child when you're granted it.

  30. Evil!Firenze. Whatever way you want to take it.

  31. Dark Lord Harry, and his wife, the Lady Ginevra.

  32. Salazar Slytherin has the unfortunate privilege of being the servant of a dark wizard, Godric Gryffindor.

  33. Are House Elves like Dobby really as benevolent to humans as they like to seem?

  34. Tonks - the accident-prone evil overlady. Humour.

  35. Dark!Harry, Dark!Ron and Dark!Hermione... forget HBP.. the trio have had enough of being strung along by the headmaster and his games.. and the whole damn Wizarding world.. Something along the lines of Coils of Gold.. Where they are taking over the world one day at a time.. Snarry would GREAT.. and maybe a trio with Draco/Mione/Ron..

  36. Harry defeating Voldemort, but doing it so that he can take his place. Bonus if Draco is his right hand man and lover. Extra bonus if it's Ron (staying with Harry because of his loyalty to him) instead of Draco.

  37. Harry is brainwashed into believing that he is Voldemort's second-in-command, and the Death Eaters are tortured into behaving like he is.

  38. Lupin, acting partly on Greyback’s orders, partly out of his own motives, seduces and then bites Snape (who must be working for the good, and remain loyal to that).

  39. The DA didn't actually concentrate on Defense. Instead, the students worked on plans to take over the wizarding world. If you can think of something else DA could stand for that would represent this goal, that'd be great (but not required).

  40. Hermione enslaves Remus Lupin.

  41. Character A tries to expose the Weasley Twins as they truly are (weather he/she suceeds or not is up to you).

  42. Both Draco and Harry are trying to seduce each other in the hopes that they will convince the other to switch sides and yet somehow they both succeed and end up on opposite sides again. (I somehow see this as more of a comedy, but it's really up to the writer.)

  43. Draco uses Harry to become the next dark lord. Bonus points if Draco falls for him in the process but still succeeds in his goal. Extra bonus points for a happy ending for the pairing.

  44. AU – it’s not the Dursleys who are bullying Harry, more like the other way around. Go crazy with the ways he gets around the Ministry regulations to intimidate with his magic i.e. learning to have better control over Wandless magic, makeshift wands etc.

  45. Harry gets thrown back in time by (plot device of your choice), to the time of the founders or even earilier. When he realizes there's no way to return to his time, he does his hero thing (after all, there's a prophecy he still has to deal with) and goes to a vampire for turning. Unlike most of his fellow immortals, Harry has a set and determined goal, which prevents the drifting-life-is-meaningless attitude the rest seem to be affected by. He knows he can't change the past, but accidentally creating (your choice- Hogwarts lake/forest? Grand canyon? Stonehenge?) allows him to realize that whatever he does in the past has already been done, so he sets out to ensure that once the time of Voldemort comes again, he will be in a position to do much more than just take him out.

    Extra points for wizarding families swearing their allegiance to the vampire lord, with chocolate on top if Snape/Prince is included. And business!Harry secretly taking over the muggle world would be cool too. Gen or slash, dom!Harry a must.

  46. Unknowingly Harry absorbs Vodemort's powers at the final battle. For the next 5 or so years he experiences black outs and lapses in time. Somehow he finds out he has another personality that has accepted the dark magic supplied by LV and has secretly been creating his own organization. The purpose of the organization is up to you as is Harry's final acceptance, rejection or redemption of his dark side/powers. Gen or slash please.

  47. Harry didn't really fall from the side of the Light... he just kind of sauntered vaguely downwards.

  48. Andromeda Tonks is now in control of the Black family, and she's not as nice as she is supposed to be.

  49. Being assigned to teach magic to the Dark Lord's adopted heir really is a painful job - and not because the student is an idiot, either.

  50. Either Draco, Lucius or Severus (or any combination of the above) is given as a gift to the Dark Lord, Harry Potter.

  51. There is a new Dark Lord, his name is Neville Longbottom, and he's both smarter and more ruthless than Voldemort ever dreamed of being. Dark!Ginny as his consort would be even better.

  52. Harry has been badly affected by the Dursleys' treatment of him, far worse than anyone realises. He vows that he will *never* again allow himself to be starved, beaten, or locked in a cupboard. And he decides he must go after the only things that will ensure his complete independence - money and power.

  53. The girls in the DA decide to take over the world. Preferably with either Ginny or Hermione in charge.

  54. Harry (or another character of your choice) is the victim of a spell which strips away all of his morality. His friends have to try and change him back, while at the same time avoiding being killed by him.

  55. The entire Weasley clan has been manipulating events since the first Voldy war, and after everything is done, they take over. Darkly, of course. (Bonus points if they use the Sorting Hat for their nefarious purposes, especially if the Sorting Hat is helping them for its own goals and not because it's manipulated).

  56. Veela have much stronger powers of persuasion than anyone ever knew, and Fleur Delacour is quite happy to take advantage of that fact.

  57. A trip back in time accidentally changes history, and in the present day, someone who used to be good is now a dictator, and not a benevolent one.

  58. AU, it’s not Slytherin that has the bad reputation for turning out so many dark witches & wizards, but Gryffindor – and the reputation is very well deserved. Gryffindor must still stand for the same things it does in Canon, but in a form that’s often twisted by its students.

  59. Dark!Harry. After the destruction of each horcrux, a little bit of Voldemort's soul released enters into Harry. I want the story to focus on how Harry is struggling against that Darkness after each Horcrux is destroyed and how by the end he embraces/accepts it. Bonus: Maybe Ginny understand the most because she also has a bit of Tom within her.

  60. Post-war, Madam Pomfrey tells herself that it’s not really murder that she’s committing...

  61. Argus Filch figures out how to use muggle objects to control the wizarding world.

  62. An alliance between Darker-than-usual!Filch, Dark!Figg, and Dark!Pince to take over the world.

  63. A matriarchal AU, with at least one of the canonically good women being dark.

  64. Someone finally sees the real Remus Lupin underneath the gentle, self-effacing mask.

  65. A Hufflepuff Dark Lord/Lady. Please use the descriptions of Hufflepuff - include loyalty, friendship, all those things!

  66. Luna Lovegood: actually working for Voldemort all along.

  67. PoA AU – Sirius really was the closet Death Eater/secret betrayer/mass murderer. Pettigrew really was innocent (though he still survives, as he did in Canon). Why did he still have to hide with the Weasleys in rat form? Bonus (but optional) if Sirius *almost* convinces Lupin & the Trio of his (false) innocence.

  68. What if S.P.E.W. got well out of hand, and Dobby et al. took over? Hermione can either be collaboratingly evil or horrified.

  69. The Weasley Twin’s creations are becoming darker & nastier, and they start doing commissions for some very shady clients. When questions are asked about backdoor deals with the enemy, they insist that there’s nothing to worry about, they’re just running a business, which other people should keep their noses out of.

  70. Post-War Fame eventually goes to Harry’s head, turning the war hero into an abusive, multiple addicted, narcissistic monster.

  71. Three of Hogwarts' founders have to fight the fourth, after Rowena Ravenclaw is hit with a spell which makes her evil.

  72. Severus is a slave to someone who mistreats him terribly, somebody who Harry believes to be a good person. Harry finds out and manages to either free Severus or get ownership of him himself, to protect him.

  73. During a full moon accident Remus finally tastes the flesh of a human. Can he survive the addiction or fully give into the desire.

  74. Somebody travels to an AU, where all the good guys are evil, and the Death Eaters are good.

  75. As the war progresses, life becomes a party for the Death Eaters, and grim for their opponents. Ron finds it harder to keep on doing “what’s right instead of what’s easy”. One day, he receives an offer to join the party, and he accepts it.

  76. Post-HBP, Lupin decides that Greyback has a valid point, and turns his loyalties to him. Bonus if the werewolves are out for themselves, and Greyback’s support of Voldemort is only a temporary strategy.

  77. Albus Dumbledore will sacrifice anyone and anything to achieve his goals.

  78. When she wanted to be, Lily Evans was just as cruel and vindictive as James Potter.

  79. Somebody from the side of the light (who is NOT Harry, Ginny or Dumbledore) betrays it and (willingly or otherwise) goes to the dark side. Story must be from the POV of the light side.


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