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Sign up for round 2

Sign up for round 2 - time travel

There are 93 prompts to choose from. You don't have to be a member of the community to claim one. You can even claim a few of them if you wish to. You can write a drabble, an epic, or anything in between.

The round finishes on 31 December; however, late submissions will be welcome.

To claim a prompt, just comment on this post.

  1. Harry Potter/Rowena Ravenclaw.

  2. Through time travel, Harry is Snape's biological father. Severus really isn't happy to find that out. (Must be drama - not comedy.)

  3. Dumbledore knows that one of his students will one day go back in time and become his father/mother.

  4. Tonks is catapulted twenty years into the future. Harry may or may not go with her.

  5. Draco is sent back to the time of the dinosaurs.

  6. Hermione is actually Rowena Ravenclaw.

  7. One of the supporting student characters in Harry's year (not Trio) is really a person from the past. You decide who it is now and what figure from the past.

  8. Young Snape is transported into the future and falls in love with Harry (or Ron). Accent is on Snape's falling for Harry or Ron, not the other way around.

  9. Severus Snape died in the war. A dozen years later, a child!Severus (no older than seven) appears in the future, creating a paradox. Harry (or Hermione, or Ron, all all of them together) has to take care of him.

  10. One of the characters goes back to the past to correct a mistake but f-cks it every time. Comedy.

  11. Harry travels to a future in which he won, but that might not be such a good thing. Will Harry have to betray the Light and all he loves to save the future, or can it be fixed another way?

  12. The character of your choice (who is married or bonded to and has children with another character) is sent back in time to assassinate a younger Tom Riddle. Unfortunately, Tom turns out to be the grandfather of the character's mate, and that person will never be born if the mission succeeds.

  13. Snape dies protecting Harry in the final battle. As a reward for everything he has been through in life, he is given the chance to go back in time and spend one day with either someone he admired and wanted to meet (gen) or maybe someone he loved who was taken from him (shippy).

  14. PoA. Harry is so focused on saving Sirius that there is an interruption when Hermione uses the Time Turner. Instead of going back a few hours, they end up on October 31, 1981. Harry's parents are already dead when they arrive, but can Sirius be saved - the first time around?

  15. Voldemort discovers a way to travel to and from the past (but not the future!) at will. Because of their connection, Harry is dragged along with him. The Dark Lord schemes, The Chosen One foils - again and again. Humour good, TMR/HP better, both best.

  16. Fifty years after the defeat of Voldemort, a new Dark Lord named Voldemort appears, a man named Severus Snape at his side.

  17. Dumbledore is his own father. Comedy.

  18. A horcrux is hidden in a different time period. Whoever goes back/forward to find it, also falls in love with someone from that time.

  19. Harry goes back in time to stop Voldemort from killing his parents, damned the consequences. When he goes back he doesn't 'change' into his future self (how he would be had he lived in the changed history) and he only retains his 'normal' history. How does his future change? How does he adjust with the change and is he happy with them?

  20. Draco somehow (-explain) obtains the ability to travel through time without a magical item. It goes great at first, but then it spirals out of control. He has to find someone to break the spell that's turned into a curse, but who will believe him? (I'd like this to be Draco/Bill, but it's not necessary.)

  21. A fugitive couple (you decide whether it's a Death Eater couple or a fugitive couple because Voldemort won the war) hide in a pocket of time to figure a plan to overturn the current reign. But the opposition is onto them and has sent people to find them. (I'd like for this to be Fred/Draco/George, maybe where Draco hunts and finds the twins, or maybe George, turned bad, and Draco are hiding from Fred, but they need to end up together at some part. But if you have another pairing in mind, go at it.)

  22. A ghost decides to warn their past self of their impending death, so (s)he can handle the business it takes to pass on to the other side (instead of turning into a ghost).

  23. Severus is tired and decides to make a potion to off himself. Someone (else mistakenly) botches it without Severus noticing. When he takes the potion he ends up in the future (you decide how far, like 20 or 200 years) where he is hailed as a hero. There are loads of people watching him now, so he doesn't get the chance to try suicide again, but then again, the time he's landed in is so interesting he doesn't really feel a need to just yet. Will he decide to go back to his own time? Or will he find happiness in this new world? Or will he still find his life not worth living?

  24. Two kids of about 10/11 y.o. go through a portal. They end up either in their great-great-great grandparents' time or in their great-great-great grandkids time. Their great grands are Harry and Draco before they get together (you decide whether it's pre-, during or post-war). What stories will the kids tell their grands?

  25. A 22 year old Harry, after trying and failing many times in the war against Voldemort, discovers a spell to send himself back in time. It is an imprecise science and could send him back 2 hours or 20 years. Being the person he is he takes the chance and goes back to a time where he was two years old and living with the Dursleys. Harry must rescue himself from the Dursleys and raise himself as his own son. You get to figure out how he manages all of this. Bonus if he becomes involved with Snape, Sirius or Lupin, double bonus if he does so to get Snape off his younger self’s back.

  26. Crossover with Doctor Who. The Doctor takes a character of your choice for a ride in the TARDIS.

  27. Due to a time turner incident, Hermione is taken back to the time of the founding. Forced into the position of the daughter of a Black in a family where it's pureblood elitism or death. And so she must pretend. It is at a feast that she meets Salazar Slytherin. Slowly, the pair falls in love. **Points for Hermione not wanting to alter history by converting him.**

  28. Draco gets thrown back into the year 1880 in London and learns what "Gentlemen's Clubs" are all about. Little does he know that Harry was thrown back too as a young Count looking for a toy.

  29. Regulus and Sirius fight over a time turner and end up in 1943. They meet Tom Riddle and decide to team up on the boy. Showing him how to have a bit of fun.

  30. 150 years in the future, a descendant of Harry Potter is wizarding royalty. She accidentally gets sent back in time to meet her famous ancestor.

  31. Thrown back to a time before the founding of Hogwarts, Harry meets either Godric or Salazar, and finds that far from being an elite member of society, the future Founder is currently a slave.

  32. Harry died as a baby, and Severus Snape must go back in time to save him. (Could be a Severitus or a Snarry, but please *not* both.)

  33. A 12 year old Tom Riddle, after a horrible first day at Hogwarts (teasing by the Slytherins/Gryffindors, not being in the same house as someone he liked that he met on the train, etc; anything that would greatly anger/upset Tom), steals a Time Turner from an older student (your descision on who/how they got it) or discovers some other way to time travel and goes into the future. Thus, Tom goes to school in the 1990s-- three years before Harry Potter starts his first year. Harry's parents have not been killed by Voldemort (obviously), Harry does not have a scar, etc. Tom/Harry or Tom/Draco preferred, but gen is fine.

  34. Marauders Era. Hermione goes back in time and falls in love with Peter. (Wormtail.) She then has to decide if she will try to save him or let him fall to the dark side.

  35. Tonks gets thrown back to Hogwarts when Dumbledore was a student. (Can't you just see her trying to put on a corset or wearing a hoop skirt?) Falling in love is not necessary.

  36. 16 year old Ginny is transported to Hogwarts when Tom Riddle was a student. Dark!Ginny fic.

  37. A de-aged Harry is sent back in time and raised by Voldemort (bonus points for meeting himself).

  38. Hermione is catapulted (for whatever reason the author chooses) into Tom Riddle's time and there is some coaxed smut and (perhaps?) a happy ending. Bonus points if there is something Muggle involved, or if something is snow-y and Christmas-y in the story. The more idiotically fluffy, the better. Kind of like, two characters that hate teh fluff are surrounded by teh fluff and smut ensues.

  39. Tom is for some reason in the future now and runs into Hermione somewhere (Muggle London/Diagon Alley/Hogwarts/her house) where, again, for some reason, smut ensues. Bonus points if there's an attic, tea, cold, and boardgames. DOMTom is a must.

  40. Both characters find themselves in another time (either Victorian, Ancient Egypt, Pirateering, Grimm's brother's world, etc.). Perhaps even multiple times, like a time-turner-gone-havoc sort of thing. Always adapted to their surroundings, they find themselves in some interesting just-thrown-in-there positions. More smut ensues.

  41. Hermione goes back to the time when Hogwarts was being founded, and realises that it's all going wrong. She has to put on her bossy-boots and get the Founders organised...

  42. Ginny/Godric. With dom!Ginny.

  43. Femslash - with two women from different eras.

  44. A horcrux interacts with Harry and forces him to negotiate his way through one of its memories. The people in the memory interact like real people, and Harry finds himself changing things in a way that feels like he has changed the past...but has he really?

  45. While fighting over the prophecy at the Ministry of Magic, Neville (or Harry) knocks over a time turner and is transported back to 1979, where he soon meets a frantic Regulus Black.

  46. Neville learns that part of the prophecy could concern him. He decides to take matters into his own hands, and travels back in time to stop Tom opening the Chamber of Secrets. Once there, he meets and sleeps with Eileen Prince...

  47. Harry travels back two years to stop Sirius falling through the Veil. Could possibly be Harry/Sirius.

  48. Hermione decides that the time has come to break the rules. She thinks she knows how to solve everything and recovers her time turner from Dumbledore's office to fix it. She decides to travel back to the start of sixth year and prevent Snape killing Dumbledore. Please include her plans all going to pieces and Hermione seeing her past actions in a new light.

  49. The first portkey Harry makes does not transfer him from London to Lisbon. Instead, it transports him back in time and he finds himself in a spot of bother with the inhabitants of the Black household.

  50. Remus is coerced into being the guinea pig for one of James' experimental potions. However, this particular potion has a different outcome than expected - Remus blinks and suddenly he is twenty-something years older and understandably confused. He soon learns of his friends's deaths and about his apparent relationship with Tonks, which he finds immensely strange because he is 17 and gay. Bonus if he is attracted to Harry.

  51. Snape is executed soon after killing Dumbledore (could be by Voldemort or by the Ministry). Harry discovers he needs information from him, and decides to go back in time to catch Snape before he walks into the trap and dies. Harry/Snape.

  52. Harry returns to the Room of Requirement for the Half-Blood Prince's book. However, on his way through the room, he breaks an hourglass and suddenly finds himself at Hogwarts in the 70s. Dumbledore decides to cast a glamour on him and sort him into a house until a new time turner can be located. This time, Harry is sorted into Slytherin.

  53. The girl that looks like Snape really is Snape from the future.

  54. Trevor the toad is the animagus form of somebody who has travelled back in time in order to protect Neville.

  55. When Harry's tears fall on the graves at Godric's Hollow, an ancient charm is set in motion, one that sends him back twenty years in the past. By accident, he kills Peter Pettigrew, and changes the future irreversibly.

  56. Harry travels back in time in order to stop Voldemort being resurrected in his fourth year and to save the lives of Cedric, Sirius and Dumbledore. He expects that he will be able to return to his present time after doing this, but instead accidentally kills his past self and must stay.

  57. In desperate need, Dumbledore casts a spell seeking aid. What he gets is an adult Harry Potter, travelling from the past. (Doesn't matter what age the other Harry is, or if he's even been born yet.)

  58. Fred wants to meet the Marauders, and will try anything to make it happen.

  59. Ginny goes back in time to save Harry's life.

  60. An accident in time travel (it's up to you who goes back) changes the Wizarding World, bringing back knights, royalty, and the concepts that go with them (honour, courage, etc). This alternate Harry is either the king or his son.

  61. Harry and Snape find themselves stuck together in the past. Preferably Snarry with dom!Harry.

  62. Harry is actually Andromeda's husband (Tonks' father).

  63. Draco is suffering for his failure to kill Dumbledore -- suffering badly. He manages to locate a time turner or similar artifact and goes back to the early part of 6th year trying to chenge things so the future will be better for the person he cares the most about -- himself. He can travel back in time but must go back to the future one day at a time. What choices will he make? Will they be better or worse for him? Or will he keep trying to fix things over, and over again?

  64. A mixed group of Hogwarts students find themselves (though whatever strange maneuverings of magic you like) in Paris in 1792-1793. Suddenly being an aristocrat/pureblooded wizard is a Bad Thing.

  65. Hermione and Bill Weasley (both adults) find themselves time travelling as the result of something happening in or by a vault in Gringotts Bank.

  66. Harry and Snape wake up in the Founders' era with no memories of who they are.

  67. Harry is the son of Godric Gryffindor.

  68. Harry is the father of one of the founders.

  69. Severitus. Snape is Harry's father, but he doesn't know it yet - because he has yet to travel to the past and sire him.

  70. When Harry and Draco are sent back to the past, Draco is horrified to find himself labelled Harry's slave.

  71. 2 years after Hogwarts, __ wakes up after nightmare and can't remember what it was about except that it was a supressed memory. __ uses time turner to find out what happened.

  72. After grieving for a year, __ goes back in time to save __'s life. When __ goes back to present, everything has changed. For good or bad is up to you.

  73. After an accident, __ goes to future and discovers his/her friends hate him because of who he/she is now. __ encounters his/her evil self.

  74. What if Phoenixes had a power few are aware of, i.e. that they are capable of limited time travel under the right circumstances. (Bonus if Dumbledore secretly knew of that power.)

  75. Remus secretly borrows Hermione's Timeturner to go back in time and save his child-self from being bitten. However, things go wrong, and instead of saving him, Adult!Remus's interference causes Child!Remus to die in the attack. The Timeturner is also damaged or made useless somehow, leaving Remus marooned in time with a past that now has technically never happened, and knowing a future that now might not be the same.

  76. Canon to a few weeks before the end of HBP (& assuming that DD planned his death). Before he dies, Dumbledore borrows Hermione's Timeturner (or secretly owns one himself), and travels forward in time to find out how Snape fares after he dies. Can be Gen or an SS/AD Ship. If the latter, bonus if Dumbledore is not aware until then of Snape's secret feelings towards him.

  77. One of the trio (or Neville) accidentally discovers Time Travel!Apparating during a lesson. Prefer Gen/adventure, no evil or Bumbling!Dumbledore please. The Twins getting involved & a Paranoid!Snape a must!

  78. After reading a Muggle dinosaur book/seeing a Muggle dinosaur documentary, Hagrid desperately wants to bring back one of his own.

  79. Harry meets his parents, and they find out who he is.

  80. Harry gets badly wounded in a DE attack (Bellatrix present), taking out at least two DE's before he's unable to fight anymore. Voldemort was elsewhere when it happened, but arrives the moment he hears the news, & kills Harry. Snape unable to help because he's been Crucio'ed & nearly killed, but somehow he survives, escapes, makes a plan & borrows Hermione's Time Turner. He goes back in time to reach Harry so he can heal him & set him up to carry out that plan.

  81. Hermione is forced to use her Timeturner to escape from danger. She turns it too far and ends up in London, November 1926. She recognises a pregnant young woman as Merope Gaunt; will she stay behind in the past to help her? (and give baby Tom a chance for a better start in life) - knowing that doing so will separate her from her friends for a very long time (explaining why she can't just use the Timeturner to commute between the two eras).

  82. Severus Snape is dying (war wounds, Unbreakable Vows, whatever). Hermione takes pity & pushes him to use her Timeturner to revisit a time in his life. He reluctantly uses it, going back to his 18th year before he joined the Death Eaters (assuming he recieved the Dark Mark when he was 18). Knowing what he knows, can he stop his younger self from going to Voldemort, or will he decide not to?

  83. Voldemort seizes a Timeturner, and uses it to go back to the past so that he can somehow persuade/force his mother to pair with a pureblood wizard instead of a Muggle.

  84. Not all of the time turners from the department of mysteries were destroyed. Harry pockets one and vows to save Sirius. How far does he go back and how much of an affect do Harry's actions have?

  85. Through some accident an adult Ron is sent back in time and meets a younger Dumbledore. What kinds of things does he learn and how much different is Dumbledore as a potentially reckless young adult. How much could they possibly be alike?

  86. On the battlefield Harry cries over the body of his fallen lover. His pain and anguish are so strong that the Guardian of Time arrives and offers Harry a chance of a lifetime; to live in a separate reality with his lover until his lover dies of old age (perhaps Harry too). At that time Harry returns back to the battlefield as if no time passed, but with a lifetime of cherished memories.

  87. Instead of dumping Harry with the Dursleys Dumbledore casts an ancient spell that will send Harry somewhere safe to grow up until he's old enough to go to Hogwarts (possibly giving him the ability to return to his safe place for the holidays) and somewhere he can grow into the champion needed to destroy Voldemort when he returns. What actually happens is that he's sent to a dark future where slavery is fairly common, and because of his immense reserves of magic is adopted into a family of the ruling caste and trained to become a great warrior. Story starts when he returns to this time to attend Hogwarts.

  88. How about a comedy based on "Honey, we shrunk ourselves"... It could be something about a spell gone wrong and instead of de-aging someone, it *shrinks* them, not only that but they step into some portal or another - which is usually too small to step in but circumstances being what they are... They find themselves back in time, small - 'ant size' - and with no hope of getting help cause they don't know *where* they are or who to trust. Besides, who would believe them??

  89. Instead of Snape killing Dumbledore, the plan is to send his spirit to another time (present/past) where he can unhurriedly find a way to recuperate and end the war, even though it looks like he's dead. When he returns things have changed more than he imagined (positive/negative) and the only other one who knew about the plan (Snape) has been obliviated for his crimes and is slaving away somewhere. Nobody believes he's Dumbledore and he's sent to St. Mungo's mental injury ward (or something similar). Will he be able to convince people he's really Dumbledore? And if the world has changed for the negative, will he be able to help save the wizarding word?

  90. Voldemort sends one of his people back in time to kill either Harry as a baby, or Lily before she gets pregnant (Terminator style.) The "good" side send someone back in time to stop them.

  91. Harry travels back in time to say goodbye to a) Sirius or b) Dumbledore. He knows that he can't change the timeline.

  92. Harry is Dumbledore.

  93. Through timetravel, Harry is a much younger Dumbledore's friend/father/lover/whatever. He finally tells Albus who he really is.


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