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Sign up for Round 10 - D/s and BDSM

Sign up for round 10 - D/s and BDSM

There are 47 prompts to choose from. Wow! Plenty of amazing choices for everyone.

Five are non-character specific and are at the bottom of the list. We even have some cross-overs.

You don't have to be a member of the community to claim a prompt. You can claim a few of them if you wish to. You can write a drabble, an epic, or anything in between. Gen, het, slash & femslash are all fine.

The round finishes on 30 June; however, late submissions will be welcome.

To claim a prompt, just comment on this post.

1. The weasley’s owe the potter’s 2 life debts and they decide to give harry the twins as slaves. Twins are given to harry his 1st year. Dumbledure bashing (if possible). Discipline, toys, M/s, bdsm, and they fall in love. The rest is up to you. Does not have to be life debts but the weasley's had to give the twins to harry for some reason maybe money.

2. Draco/Albus Severus. Draco thinks of the ultimate way to get one up on Harry - seduce, possess, and (literally) own his son.

3. Neville/Harry. Post-Voldemort, Harry lost his direction in life. He immediately started a long string of one-night-stands until one day he became involved with Neville. Harry, however, just had to push the limits and cheated on Neville in a bar/Ministry function/Gryffindor reunion. Neville was incensed and decided that Harry needed to be taught a lesson...

4. Harry/Draco, AU!DH. Harry was captured and tortured by Death Eaters. Draco, one of the jailers, sometimes smuggled food into Harry's cell. One day Harry overpowered him and broke out of the prison.

After the war, Harry grew more and more volatile, to the alarm of his friends. Harry and Draco are in a BDSM relationship.

5. Every few hundred years the sorting hat does not place someone in one of the houses, instead, it see's that they belong to another. On the day of Harry's sorting he watches as Malfoy places the hat on his head only to have it call... "Harry Potters'."

6. Male Blaise and Draco are enslaved to Harry.

7. Voldemort has been de-aged to a teen, temporarily exhausted of magical power, knocked out, and thrown into his own dungeons. However, Harry just can't bring himself to kill him. In a rush to find a solution before Voldie regains his strength and wakes up, no one asks questions of the ritual Hermione finds that allows 'compulsion to protect and obey.' Only after they have bound Voldemort to Harry does anyone bother to delve deeper, and now there's nothing that can be done. Not only did the ritual bind Voldie as a slave, certain components make it clear that the relationship was intended to be sexual in nature. Though they both resist the magic, repercussions get worse as time goes on. For Harry, he can feel his slave's needs and wants, and Voldie has to go through an erotic torment without his master to relieve the pressure.

8. The 'pet' allowed to Hogwarts students is a 'modified' human slave, trained to serve his or her owner personally, at first as an assistant which can include personal servant, tutor or nursing roles, then later as the wizard or witches first lover. Harry receives the pet his parents had bought for him when Hagrid brings him to Gringotts for the first time.

9. Draco is enslaved to Harry from birth (Lucius was enslaved to James, and can either be freed on his death or passed to Harry). Draco doesn't meet Harry until he goes to Hogwarts, though.

10. Harry being forced to enslaving either Draco, Lucius or Severus (preferably: or more than one of them). Must involve discipline.

11. Harry Potter finds himself thrust into the world of Slayers, demons and vampires. When he meets a certain blond souled-vamp he falls hard but Spike is involved with Angel. Their relationship is volatile however (they can't live with each other but can't live without each other), and after doing some research Harry believes his submissiveness is the key to bringing harmony between the two vamps. They don't need much convincing as the thrill of having such a powerful boy is too much to pass up. Bloodplay, biting, more extreme bdsm. (loving consensual BDSM.)

12. Harry meets Spike in a bar in England, he's an anomaly and Harry spots straight away that the vampire needs to feel like he belongs. The Wizard takes the reins and Spike falls easily under the young man's control. (loving consensual BDSM.)

13. Two years after leaving England to escape the unwanted spotlight, Harry finds himself in Washington DC slapbang in the middle of an NCIS investigation. He meets a certain goth forensics expert who is drawn to his modest nature. Abby may be a switch but there's just something about the young man that brings out her inner Domme and she slowly sets about making him her boy, Harry finds he likes someone else taking control and is happy to simply be owned. More M/s than BDSM. (loving consensual BDSM.)

14. Future fic, Teddy Lupin is Eighteen when he sets out on his big adventure, he doesn't get further than Cardiff where he meets a man who can't die. Captain Jack Harkness is completely besotted by the young man who retcon doesn't seem to affect, his flirtation is rewarded by a shy return of interest. But Teddy is more of a brat than even Jack and the man finds himself falling back on his skills as a dominant to keep him under control. Teddy thrives, not only as a man but as a wizard. (loving consensual BDSM.)

15. Peter Pettigrew incurs a life-debt to Harry after the incident at the Shrieking Shack in his third year. When Harry encounters Pettigrew again in his sixth year he decides to stop Peter's work for Lord Voldemort by taking him as a slave.

16. Sirius Black (Dom)/Molly Weasley (sub) [gen]; Sirius is involved with someone else/Molly is truly married to Arthur.

Keeping their defining characteristics: Pulled back from beyond the Veil by Dumbledore, Sirius needs tending to rebuild his strength. When he's installed at the Weasleys, he and Molly begin a game that threatens the Weasley family and the Light side's war.

There is a secret room at the Burrow where Sirius shows Molly that surrender is not absolute and power resides with those who know how to bow down.

17. Rowena Ravenclaw (Dom)/Godric Gryffindor (sub)

Godric Gryffindor ruled the kingdom of Hogwarts with an iron fist. It was only under Rowena Ravenclaw's whip that he became great.

18. Salazar Slytherin/Severus Snape [BDSM]

Although dead for ages, his power is still absolute within the dungeons of Slytherin. Severus Snape is gifted with a portrait of the Founder of his house. Each Head of Slytherin receives this portrait and finds it calls to something dark inside them; Severus has very dark depths to need to be plunged.

19. Lucius Malfoy/Remus Lupin [author's choice of BDSM or D/s]

The Dark Lord rewards Lucius Malfoy with a hunt. The wolf they capture is Remus. Trapped in the bowels of Malfoy Manor, prey to Lucius' whims, something snaps within the lycanthrope and he turns the tables on Lucius.

20. Minerva McGonagall (Dom)/Neville Longbottom (sub) [gen]

The war is coming and Harry Potter is missing. Next in line is Neville Longbottom. Hoping to stiffen his backbone, Minerva McGonagall takes it upon herself to make him a man.

21. Lucius Malfoy instructs Severus Snape to keep his son, Draco, in line. Sadistic Snape goes overboard, but Draco begins to like it.

22. Luna Lovegood finds domination fascinating. Femdom. [Bonus points for the submissive being someone not usually 'shipped with Luna, e.g. Snape.]

23. Snape finds submission difficult.

24. Snape, punishment, CBT, no actual sex.

25. There's only one person in the world that Lucius Malfoy would ever be sexually submissive to.

26. Salazar Slytherin as a submissive. Optionally including time travel.

27. Hermione hates slavery, but that doesn't mean she doesn't like to do some BDSM, when she has a consensual submissive. Bill Weasley is happy to oblige.

28. On entering the Wizarding World Hermione is horrified to learn that the 'pet' allowed to Hogwarts students is a 'modified' human slave, trained to serve his or her owner personally, at first as an assistant which can include personal servant, tutor or nursing roles, then later as the wizard or witches first lover. And a student must acquire a pet by the fifth year.

29. Draco is forced into servitude or slavery to someone through a life debt or some other mysterious bond (feel free to make one up, in fact try to make one up, i love strange bonds). He eventually grows to accept if not love his position and his partner. Discipline preferred.

30. Hermione teaches Draco a lesson in (?)

31. If anyone here knows Anita Blake, I've always wanted to see a Harry/Nathaniel- Nathaniel finally finds his prince charming. Just as heroic as Anita, but more accepting of things outside of the norm, Harry Potter is the perfect match for Nathaniel's natural sub.

32. Remus Lupin was always confused by his wolf's reaction to Harry Potter. Not only did Moony want to protect him, the wolf also desired to... submit?

33. Draco Malfoy takes things a step too far, and Harry Potter finally takes him in hand, only to discover it had been what Draco wanted all along.

34. Severus Snape has an inherent need to serve the most powerful. What will he do with that title now belonging to Harry Potter?

35. Lucius Malfoy is given to Harry Potter as a slave after the war. Oddly enough, he's never been more at peace. (loving D/s relationship)

36. When the horcrux within Harry is gone but the strange urges aren't, he realizes that maybe it wasn't just Voldemort's soul that enjoys owning others.

37. Everyone knows that just being near a powerful witch or wizard will increase their chances of producing a magically powerful child. Harry, fed up with all the hangers-on, begins a very rigorous process of elimination to find those worthy of his time. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, only Slytherins are left at the end, and they're all so impressed by his 'hazing' that they're prepared to do anything to remain with their new found master.

38. Harry is tired of being in charge and making all the decisions. Ginny understands.
(Consensual, loving D/s relationship with sub!Harry and Dom!Ginny, may include other BDSM elements.)

39. Ron somehow managed to be a pushy bottom even with a gag in his mouth, but that's alright, because Hermione liked that. Crack.

40. Percy is going to make him pay for Fred's death.

41. Draco's running his mouth off again; Harry is sick of his boyfriend's behaviour.

42. Sirius is in detention with McG again. Humour.

43. In an AU society where everyone is dominant or submissive, what is life like for submissives who are not in relationships? Are they under the influence of family members? Could be gen, or could gradually lead to romance. Please don't make Harry submissive.

44. AU. The wizarding world is a matriarchy. The muggle world isn't.

45. A very harsh punishment is in his future.

46. In public, he's in charge. In private, someone else is.

47. A character was broken during the war, not only physically, but mentally, and one part of his/her personality needs to dominate, while another needs to submit.

Just letting everyone know that I will be gone from June 13 to July 8th, so if you drop a comment for a prompt at that time, you won't hear from me. So check the comments to make sure someone else hasn't tried to claim the prompt you want while I was gone. :)

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